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Grilled Chicken
Source: Neal Breeding
Category: Quick Meals
Yields: multiple meals
boneless chicken breasts
kosher salt
onion powder
garlic powder
Grill enough chicken for multiple meals. Season the chicken with the above seasonings, grill the chicken.

Serving options:
1) Slice the chicken and mix it with alfredo sauce and pasta.
2) Slice the chicken and put it on toasted bread (sour dough is my recommendation), put some honey mustard dressing or BBQ sauce, and serve with french fries or chips.
3) For quesadillas: Slice the chicken, and grill (or use a grittle ), grill one side of a tortilla, flip it, add cheese, chicken, and anything else, fold over, grill for a few more minutes, and then flip and finish the last side. Serve with chips.
4) Slice the chicken up and add to a green salad for "grilled" chicken salad.

The chicken also freezes well for future meals, especially when on a tight schedule