Five Newest Recipes
1) Herb Paste For Standing Rib Roast
2) Fajita Marinade
3) Fajita Marinade
4) Base Vinaigrette
5) Oats To-Go
Thanks for visiting my recipe database. I'm always needing one of my favorite recipes when I'm not at the house or someone is always asking me for a recipe for something that I (or Jennifer) cooked.

So in an effort to be more organized, (and just the fact that I'm a computer nerd), I set up this site to keep track of my favorite recipes in one location, so at least I can easily find them.

I've not tried all of the recipes, some of them just "Looked Good" so I added them. The recipes I've tried will have a red check mark next to them. I told you, I'm a geek! ha!

Feel free to share them with family, friends, strangers, etc. Feel free to e-mail